Process Burners

Process Burners


The company PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. manufactures, installs and services process burners, which are produced for specific heating applications with wide range of fuels. Main difference between this type of burners and other types such as monoblock burners, power burners and so on is the application for which the burner is intended. Process burners are specific category of burner utilized in the refining, reforming, and petrochemical processing industry to provide energy to fluids in a specific process within the plant. It is the custom manufacturing with design according to specific requirements of the application submitted by the customer.


In case of design is important to take into account many factors related to a specific appliance on which will be burner installed. Those factors are especially technological application, type of fuel and his properties, emission limits in a given locality etc. Depending on the customer-based data is done the design of the burner by the PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. engineering department.

Basic factors for burner design

  • The appliance location (location in terms of legal standard, regulations or ordinances specifying requirements for the operation safety, emission limits etc.)
  • Type of the appliance, its technical parameters
  • Number and position of burners on appliance
  • Combustion space characteristics (size, geometrical arrangement, pressure ratios)
  • Oxidant characteristics (pressure, temperature, flow, volume of O2 %)
  • The method and direction of the oxidant flow, type of the burner box
  • The fuel properties (composition, calorific value, pressure, viscosity)
  • Specific operating conditions and further customer's requirements.


Heat output according to customer requirements (range approx. 4-80 MW)
Gaseous fuels: natural gas, propane, butane, mixture P-B, rafinery gas, low heating gases (biogas, degasifying gas, coke gas, blast furnace gas...)
Liquid fuels: Furnace oil, extra lights (ELTO, TOLEX, heating oil...), light LFO (light furnace oil), heavy HFO (heavy furnace oil), combustible rafinery products

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