Power industry Burners

Power industry Burners


Output burners are produced in the versions for liquid fuels, gaseous fuels or as combined burners. Their use is possible in the output applications, for ignition and stabilization, or for any other special applications. Furthermore, the installation of several burners into common air box is possible, too.

Design of industry burners and accessory is prepared by the engineering department of PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. High quantity of factors regarding factual consumer, fuel and other requirements to the operation shall be taken into consideration for structural design. Industry burner design then comes out from these mentioned factors.

Besides usual assembly and delivery documentation, we issue conformity report on product with technical requirements by course of the law no. 22/1997 Coll. and adequate government decrees.

Industry burner operation complies in full output scope with the limits of hazardous emissions given by the public notice no. 117/1997 Coll. dated 12.5.1997 to the law no. 309/1991 Coll.
technické parametry

Main fuel liquid light, medium and heavy fuel oil, naphtha, combustible refinery plant products
Main fuel gaseous natural gas, coal gas, degazační, coke oven and blast furnace gas, biogas, waste gases
Combustion air temperature 20 – 300°C, overpressure against combustion chamber with nominal output 1,6 – 2,5 kPa, quantity in dependency on the burner output and type of fuel
Ignition fuel gaseous stage PB resp. natural gas with pressure 50 – 80 kPa, coal gas resp. coke oven gas with pressure min. 4 kPa, quantity max. 15 Nm3/hour -short term
Press. control air clean, dry, with overpressure 0,6 MPa, quantity max. 2 Nm3/hour - short period
Electric power protected supply 3f 400/230V, 50 Hz for electric motors, 1f 230V50 Hz for control members of burner. UPS in case of the requirement of the maintaining of operation in short-term outage of electric power. Inputs per output and design of burner and fuel parameters.
Spraying steam only for oil burners with steam spraying, overpressure 0,6 – 1,2 MPa, slightly superheated
Steam for heating of liquid fuel to viscosity needed for optimal spraying


Heat output per assignment in the scope 4 – 80 MW. Burners are delivered in design with automatic control, where the output is controlled on the basis of the evaluation of demanded quantities, for example steam pressure, water temperature etc. Control of the rate of fuel and air is guaranteed by mechanical or electronic link.
Output control range 25 – 100% for burners gas and oil with steam spraying, 33 – 100% for oil burners with pressure spraying
Current air excess 1,05 for burner nominal output
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