Residual Biogas Burner

Residual Biogas Burner


Automatic gas burners of the series APH-M guarantee the burning, while burning low-pressure and medium-pressure propane, propane-butane, biogas, sewage and degasation gas. Burners comply with technical requirements ČSN EN 676, ČSN 07 5801; consequently, they can be used for broad spectrum of burning and technological equipment. Emission values do not exceed limits specified by the government decree no. 352/2002 Coll. In relation to the requirement of the law no. 22/1997 Coll., the independent authorized body (AO 202) evaluated the compliance with selected standards and technical instructions, and declaration of conformity was issued for them.
Burner operation is fully automatic, not demanding any permanent attendance, only temporary supervision. Continuous control of heat output and low air excess in burning guarantee high economy of the operation. From design point of view, the burners are designed as complex unit, i.e. fan supplying the combustion air is contained directly in the body of the burner.
Cooling of combustion chamber is solved by the air blown by the fan into the spiral header around the casing of combustion space.

Burnt medium: biogas

Operating overpressure: 3,0 (1,5-5)kPa, resp. 20 (5-50) kPa
Equipment output: 80, 110, 260, 500 m3·h-1 with overpressure 2,0 kPa
Max. heat output: by type
Combustion burner - overpressure
Flame ignition: by high-voltage spark
Flame monitoring: ionisation probe
Control method: jump – acc. to demanded output from incoming signals from 
                         superior system 
Distribution system: 3 PEN 50 Hz, 400V/230 V
Installed input: by type
Protection: against contact voltage acc. to ČSN 33 2000-4-41
Flera serves for the burning of waste gases or gases redundant within the shut-down of combined units. Such equipment can burn for example biogas, landfill or sewage gas.
Meeting of following conditions is the pre-requisite for the operation and correct function of the equipment:

•  concrete foundations
•  taking of gas piping to the equipment, its slanting, finishing of piping by the closing body with the possibility of venting
•  connection of equipment to gas piping
•  electric connection supply guarantee
•  initial revision of gas and electrical equipment
•  venting and admittance of gas into supply gas piping
Only person with the authorization for the assembly of gas and electrical equipment can make the assembly of equipment. Representative of supplier shall put the equipment into operation, shall be fulfilled above mentioned conditions.

Equipment consists of following parts:
- ignition and stabilization burner with electrically controlled closure of gas mouth
- burner box with cooling fan
- combustion chamber with insulation cover
- supporting frame
- control unit with switch board for connecting of necessary electrical equipment 
- gas route
Guarantee period 24 months from putting into the operation in case that the putting into the operation and adjustment shall be performed by authorized service; however, not longer than 27 months from the day of the sale.




Service of burners of PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. is guaranteed both by internal service department of the company and the network of contractual service partners.
technické parametry


Type of Flare F 80 F 110 F 260 F 500
Burnt quantity - max. [m3·hod-1] 80 110 260 500
Heat output * [kW]        
Used burner APH-M 04 PKN
(APH-M 04 PK)
(APH-M 10 PK)
(APH-M 16 PK)
Gas inlet overpressure [kPa] 3 (1,5 – 5)
20 (5-50)
3 (1,5 – 5)
20 (5-50)
3 (1,5 – 5)
20 (5-50)
Control range 1 : 5 1 : 5 1 : 5 1 : 5
El. input [kVA] 1,8 2,0 3,5 5,5
* ......... with average calorific value 22 MJ.m(n)-3
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