Boiler House Components

Boiler House Components

The company PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. supplies boiler house components and provides construction of various types of boiler rooms on a turnkey basis as a general contractor.


  • Boilers
  • Steam generators
  • Burners
  • Fittings
  • Water treatment units
  • BOsB
  • Measurement and control, control systems
  • Pipelines
  • Stacks and flues
  • Heat exchanger stations
  • Accesorries of boilers and boiler rooms
    • feed water tanks
    • termic deaerators
    • condensation tanks
    • economizers
    • pumps
    • dividers and collectors
    • hydraulic compenzators
    • silencers
    • expanders


  • By type of produced medium: 
    • steam
    • hot water (< 110 °C)
    • superheated water (> 110 °C)
  • By type of fuel: 
    • gas (natural gas, technical gases, low-calorific gases)
    • oil (ELFO, LFO, ...)
    • biomass
    • coal
  • By location: 
    • stationary (in building)
    • containerised (in portable container)


  • Supplies of boiler house components
  • Construction of boiler rooms (houses)
  • Reconstruction and overhaul of boilers and equipment
  • Complex activities of the general contactor of capital construction projests in thermal energy
    • providing of project documentation for  building application
    • implementation and management of installation and construction works
    • technical assistance ii operation during and after warranty period
  • Analyses of economics for investors and financial institutions
    • elaboration of the Technical-Economic Study
    • site intent – evaluation report
    • elaboration of time schedule
  • Consultancy

When implementing projects, our company applies the latest technology meets the most stringent regulatory and environmental requirements. For the customer is prepared various options for financing the project. All our technologies are delivered up safe, environmentally friendly, with maximum efficiency and durability.

If you are interested in boiler house components, boiler room (house) construction or other services, we will be glad to answer any questions, we give further information and prepare a concrete offer.
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