The history of PBS Třebíč begins at the end of 19th century, when two private companies, Wallig and Benz, started their production of motors, boilers, tanks, agricultural machines and devices for breweries and sugar factories in a newly built factory. In 1948 both companies were incorporated with PBS Brno as one of its plants. In 1960's a new factory, the production of which was further oriented towards power engineering, was built in Třebíč.


In 1994 PBS Třebíč became a joint-stock company and started a gradual process of this transformation. At the present time the company is a dynamically developing producer and supplier od quality products for heating plants and power-plant enineering. The company utilizes modern technology and highly qualified workers with rich experience.
On 01.01. 2005 the company opened its manufacturing plant in Moravský Krumlov.
The company, PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. is a subsidiary company of the joint-stock company PBS INDUSTRY, a.s.

Gas and oil burners
Liquid and gas fuel burners serve as source of heat for both high and low pressure consumers, especially warm water, hto water and steam boilers. They can further be used with other consumers like hot-air towers, dryers, steam generators or industrial and baker furnaces.

We produce the following versions of burners:
  • monoblock gas burners 25 - 11 000 kW
  • monoblock oil burners 25 - 5 500 kW
  • monoblock combined burners 300 - 11 000 kW
  • industrial liquid or gas fuel burners
  • burner controllers PBS6000
  • power burners 4 - 80 MW
  • igniting and stabilizing burners
  • special


Others products:
  • residual biogas burner - Fléra
  • steam generators
  • stop dampers
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